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J – Toronto.

Posted by   |  May 01, 2016

I consider myself to be a well-adjusted, person who had a fantastic childhood, great university education, a successful career, a beautiful child etc…As I turned 40 and did some self-reflection, I realized that there were aspects in my life that could be improved. I was referred to Sonia by a Doctor friend who is also a Client of Sonia’s. I can tell you that it has been a privilege meeting Sonia. Not only is she very professional and caring…..she has an incredible GIFT. She connected with ... Read More


Posted by   |  November 30, 2015

"During my session with Sonia, I was taken through an inner child healing meditation. I was guided through the meditation always in the presence of love and security. My inner children who never had a voice before could speak up. My two year old, 4 year old, 8, 14 and 21 year old self could be heard, could say their piece and express their true feelings and with Sonia's powerful healing and guidance I could be guided through and experience an overwhelming shift. Releasing negative and suppress... Read More


Posted by   |  July 09, 2015

"I have used Sonia’s services since my marriage breakup last December. I was at my lowest point as my work situation was also completely out of my control. I have two children and a successful career, and Sonia was able to turn my mindset around. She helped me realign my life, navigate through some very hard times and was able to help me to see what she always could. I am now incredibly focused, have the most amazing relationship with my children, and I'm succeeding in inspiring people again. ... Read More


Posted by   |  April 26, 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to you, since meeting with you some months ago for one of your Akashic record consults, you opened my world to that of one of Hope, you could see how fragmented I was, steadily I’m finding my way back to myself, you are able to see where my journey began, where I could not...  As a Healer, you patiently guide me back, you’ve introduced me to greater possibilities and as a Teacher, Sonia, you see where I’m at, you allow me to walk m... Read More


Posted by   |  January 28, 2015

“Sonia help me healed some of the most important relationships in my life. Through our work together I was able to see things from a different angle and clean up all the old stuff. I felt lighter and more connected and alive after every single session. Sometimes the work was hard, but it was always worth it. My relationship with my husband and kids is improving every day and I am loving it! It is really amazing to see how, with the right help, things that we thought impossible become relativel... Read More