Session Package – Game of Life



Game Of Life – Sessions package
Clear all your blockages in 7 steps!!!

Game of Life is a specific ThetaHealing® modality that was specifically designed to achieve greater success in life and business. Held over 7 sessions, we will target specific limiting beliefs and instil hundreds of feelings to achieve greater success in all areas of your life, including business! This is the ideal package if you’re ready to take your business to greater heights than you could have ever imagined!


ThetaHealing® is a wonderful energetic modality to heal at a DNA level in all directions of time! Which means you can heal your past lives or your childhood trauma leaving you with a new perception of life.
When negative emotions and physical illnesses present themselves in our reality is because the body is trying to tell something to us, and we need to listen because it is the only way to heal deeply and permanently.

With a ThetaHealing® session you are enabled to understand the lesson behind the disease and so it will lead me as your practitioner to ask the Creator to transform the negative emotions in a new belief system that will allow you to heal your body at all levels!!!

Today is the day that you can choose to release any block around Success & Achievements…
Today is the day that you can choose to become the DRIVER OF YOUR LIFE, rather than sitting in the back position and allow someone else to drive your life!!


Normal cost per session: $160+Gst

7 Session package: $990 +Gst


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