Jane Watson-Brown

Posted by - September 22, 2015

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Meditation teacher

Reiki practitioner
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Astrology is a wonderful tool for self-knowledge and growth. I have learned so much about myself and how I interact with others through Astrology and love sharing these learnings with others. In a consultation, I discussion of your birth chart as a map of your life will reveal life-long influences and help you come to terms with your past so that you can prepare for your future. The planets, signs, houses, elements and modalities mix together to form your unique life-map (birth chart). The ancient symbols and archetypes speak across millennia and you a personal template for your life’s journey and signposts to help you navigate life’s most challenging transitions.g transitions.

Full birth details (name, date, time and place of birth) are required for the casting of astrological charts.
Please provide date, place and time of birth ahead of time if possible. Charts and reports can be cast if the time of birth is not known, but may be less accurate.

‘Taster’ reports (no added interpretations) $20 (printed & mailed) $15 (email)
Full reports (with added interpretations) $85 (printed/mailed) $80 (email)
1 Hour consultation (includes printed report with added interpretations) $120 /$80 concession
1 1/2 Hour (includes two printed reports) $150 / $100 concession.

The practice of meditation allows you to be still, silent and in the present moment. This simple act is an incredibly powerful tool that enables self-awareness, focus and healing. By observing yourself and your interactions in the world through meditation, you move ever closer to your essential and authentic self. Through this movement towards yourself you experience the beauty of interconnected consciousness and move ever closer to releasing ego and true compassion and connection. Group meditations create a beautiful space and heightened vibration to assist you on this journey. Meditation opens a unique journey for each person. My own twenty-year journey has had many twists and so many beautiful synchronicities – I humbly invite you to join me in group meditation to experience whatever this practice of stillness will bring to you. $12/$10 (concession) per session.
Meditation facilitation
A 9 lesson meditation journey of self-discovery. Two hour lessons are delivered one-on-one fortnightly with the intention of deepening your practice and presenting your own meditations as a facilitator. Students accepted by interview. $800 ($250 deposit).


Reiki Healing
I am attuned to Reiki 3a and giving and receiving Reiki for over twenty years. I love this beautiful healing method. Reiki heals your spirit, mind and body by channelling the universal energy of love and light through your spiritual energy centres (chakras). It’s a beautiful uplifting healing method using the gentle and time-honoured technique of laying hands on the body.
1/2 Hour $50 / $40 Concession
1 Hour $70 / $60 Concession
1 1/2 Hour $90 / $80 Concession