Inner Child Consultation

shutterstock_52746865Being a good parent is the hardest thing in the world!

To be a wonderful guide for your children you have to be mentally healthy, right? To access the wisdom that is required to be a good model for them you must have a deep and honest relationship with yourself and know you well!

More importantly you have to have your needs met first, and in order to know what your needs are you have to have healed the wounds from your own childhood otherwise the only result will be projecting your own issues, fears and limitations.
How many times you find yourself repeating to your children the exact words your parents told you? Which most of time are exactly the words you hated most!!

I know you may think that there is no way to heal the wounds of your childhood, what is done is done and you trying your best now with your own children, but what could happen if I tell you that there is a wonderful and powerful way to turn the situation upside-down and start to live a fulfilling relationship with yourself and your children free from any negative influence?
I love my job and I love helping people to get past childhood Traumas because, as experienced first hand, is extremely liberating!!
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To help you in this path I created a program that will help you to heal Your Inner Child.

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I have a stand alone 1 hour session where we will allow your Inner Child to speak up, but if you feel that you have more then 1 inner child that needs to express him/herself you may prefer an 8 weeks program to completely clear all wounds from your childhood.

CALL ME TODAY to book your First SESSION where we’ll discuss the options and choose the right path to become the parent you want to be, which sometimes is clouded by your own fears and wounds.

I know how hard it is admitting that we need help, I know how hard is admitting that we don’t know what to do next and how hard it can be saying that we don’t know how to help our children in their everyday challenges, but you know what? YOU ARE NOT ALONE and luckily you found me and I’m here to help, to teach you new tools and to guide you toward your personal freedom so you can access the WISDOM without those negative influences that is required to raise confident and resilient children!

May your day be bathed in Love and Peace,