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What is Past life regression therapy?
Past life regression therapy helps you to access memories of your past lives so you can access information and insight that allows you to move on with your present life.

Our story does not begin at the moment of our birth, but well before our conception. There are souls which are very ancient and others that have lived only a few lives. I provide past life regression therapy in Melbourne, Australia. Past life is my passion because the healing that comes from solving karmic situations is profound.

How many times you have experienced something which you realise with wonder that you’ve already experienced before? When there are physical illnesses that have no explanation, situations that repeat themselves, patterns that seem to go round in a loop, I suggest that we regress and see what happened in a past life that is still influencing the present life.

Past life regression therapy is taken seriously and it can create a life-changing experience. As opposed to other therapies, a past life regression session must be done face-to-face, Past life regression therapy in Melbourne as group session is held at Solar Heart Healing House regularly throughout the year.

How past life regression  can help?
A regression can help to identify the source of unexplainable phobias, fears, illness, negative emotions, weird behaviours, difficulty with relationships, physical conditions or emotional reactions to situations. The ultimate goal of past life regression is to reconnect yourself with your true self without the interference of negative unresolved karma, so you can start to live your life in freedom.

Past life Regression therapy in Melbourne is held privately and in groups!

What happens during a Consultation?
A past life regression therapy session begins with a deep relaxation phase. Once you are completely relaxed but still very aware of yourself and your surroundings the practitioner guides you through a visualisation into your past life. This visit is fundamental for the purpose of the consultation.

Once you are in the past life, you will be guided to visit the most significant events that can answer and/or help your current situation. At the end of the session, before returning to the present, the healing phase will take place.

Before the past life regression session many people wonder what is going to happen during the session and I always say to let the unconscious be the guide and everything will unfold. When the session finishes a common question most people have is:
“Was it really true? Did I really go there?”
The answer is yes, I personally consider past life regression therapy a magical experience that can really help us to understand and heal our current lives.

If you have an unresolved emotions or unexplainable fear or phobia book your consultation!

1.5 hour regression $160+gst
3 ×1.5 hour regressions $430+gst

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