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Akashic Records


Akashic Records are the database where all our history is stored! Imagine a huge library and every book has a name. The name of each of us, and the book contains all information about your soul, past, present and future life!

The Akashic Records are found in the fifth dimension of our energy field.

The Akashic Records is no a physical place, they are part of each of us because we all are multi-dimensional beings! And all dimension co-exist in our being. We are the third dimension with our bodies, our ego is the forth dimension and our spirituality is the fifth dimension. There is so much more of that to learn about but for now you only need to know that our beings have more dimensions than just the physical one!

To simplify and help you to understand what the Akashic Records are imagine a book stored in the records with all your thought, actions, emotions, experience that have ever occured since the origination of your soul. This is a powerful tool to help all of us to remember our divinity and our soul purpose!

The History of Akashic Records…

The Akashic Records has been referred to since the planet existed! In the Bible it’s referred to as the BOOK OF LIFE.

Akasha is a sanscrit word and it means “Primary substance” which is the energy that creates everything in the Universe. We should remember that every single vibration that comes from thought, words, actions create an indelible imprint and the Records are the place where everything is recorded.

Who can access the Records? Me!

Everyone can access freely their own records and there are many ways to do so, but not everybody has the capability to translate the information that comes from an other dimension, that’s why it is important to refer to a practitioner to have a deeper understanding of the information.

This information come as images, feelings, words, emotions or physical sensations.
As an Akashic Records Practitioner I am always honored when someone ask me to access his/her own Records and when the consultation finishes  I DO NOT have access in the Records again unless the person asks me to access it again. Imagine that in front of this huge library there is a gate and the gate is protected from a Divine Being which without permission won’t open the gate! This may seem a nice story but it is actually what happens when I go into the Records!
How to access the Records?

To enter in the Records there is a beautiful Prayer to say and what happens next is totally personal. There are practitioner who get information through images, others through insights, for other through words or for some is all of that.

For me personally I enter the Records with the Opening Prayer and then I see myself in front of a beautiful gate where I meet the Guardians of the Records and usually once the gate is open I find myself with the Book of the Person in my hand and the Consultation begins!

Why have a consultation and what to ask?

Having an Akashic Records Consultation can be a life changing experience.

People ask for a consultation because they feel stuck, they don’t know what direction to take, they are uncertain about their choices and feel like the situations repeat over and over again.

The information you receive is extremely accurate and it helps you to understand why your life is unfolding the way it does.

There is no right or wrong questions, You can ask anything you need to know about your relationship, your health, your soul path, decisions you have to make or why some experiences seem to repeat themselves.

The Records are available to help you to reconnect with your Divinity and to clear what you no longer need in your life.

Benefits of a consultation…

-Feel more grounded in your present life
-Gain clarity in your directions
-Feeling more peaceful
-Feel a new sense of serenity
-Your life will have new meaning!

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