Energetic Property Clearing


Have you ever walked into a home, office, retail or a friend’s house and felt uncomfortable?

Have you ever came back home and felt distressed and perceived strange energy?

Have you tried to sell your property without positive results?


Well if you answered yes to the above questions you are in the right place!!

Our homes or working places should be our sanctuaries, however many places hold the negative, lower vibrations of the past.  Attached energies aren’t always negative, after all, your home is where you raise your family and collect a lifetime of memories together. Like any person or material object, it collects energy that remains in the space until cleared.

If you struggle to get organised, feel uncomfortable in your home, have an older home or are struggling to sell your home, this clearing can drastically shift the energies held. It is also useful to keep in mind that the land our homes are built on is very old. Therefore, even if your home is newer, lower vibrational energies can still be present.

Sonia Bellucci, Founder of Solar Heart Healing House specialises in Property Clearing. Please contact Solar Heart Healing house for further information, or to book your Property Clearing session.

-Property Clearing from unwanted energies              $150+Gst

Are you ready to sell your property and you want to be sure to get the highest price?

Call me and I’ll make possible for you!!
-Clearing to sell your property                                         0.5% -1% of the sold price.

“The energetic clearing I offer it is extremely simple but incredible powerful and effective and can be done by distance!! Call me today to have a chat!”

Sonia  0456 27 293
E. info@solarhearthealinghouse.com