Clearing negative Influences Package


This session’s package is designed for people that are full of anger, resentment, bitterness, who can’t communicate, lack self-esteem and have no self-confidence.

For people that feel trapped and don’t know how to move on and free themselves from all the negative emotions inside, making them physically and emotionally ill…

8 Weeks to transform your life, FREE yourself from other people’s influences and be enabled to live the life you want!

8 × 2 hour sessions a week
(Skype, phone, and face-to-face consultation available)

Each session you’ll be guided through a powerful visualisation to connect with the inner children that are waiting inside you to speak up, from the highest point of view, you’ll be able to tell everything you wished to say to the person you feel had the most influence on your life. Of course the other person won’t be present – that is the strength of these healing sessions! You only speak with the highest aspect of this person on an unconscious level that gives you freedom to express everything you need!

The first 2 sessions we’ll clear your Mum and Dad influences (even though they haven’t been negative influences they still influenced your life and deep down there is always a need to have a talk from a higher stand point of view with them!)

The other 6 Sessions are reserved for siblings, spouses, relatives or friends whose influences somehow affect who you are and what you do.

For the entire period you have unlimited email support.
Money back guarantee.
When the 8 weeks are finished, a complimentary session will be done to check up on you!

“Sonia help me heal some of the most important relationships in my life. Through our work together I was able to see things from a different angle and clean up all the old stuff. I felt lighter and more connected and alive after every single session. Sometimes the work was hard, but it was always worth it. My relationship with my husband and kids is improving every day and I am loving it! It is really amazing to see how, with the right help, things that we thought impossible become relatively easy. Sonia is a very passionate and generous coach. I would recommend her to anyone willing to improve their relationships with their loved ones. Thank you, Sonia!”
-Nuria, NSW

To recap:
1 × 1 hour complimentary session
8 × 2 hour sessions
1 × 1 hour complimentary session at the end of the clearing period
unlimited email support

​Total cost of the program $ 2,387+Gst
*Special Autumn deal (Let the old fall away!)– Available until the end of April 2016 – $ 1,697+Gst (Total saving $1,000)