Energy Healing Melbourne

Solar Heart specialises in ki energy healing in Melbourne and Medical Intuition, Sonia has helped many clients heal on a physical,emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Sonia is an experienced healer who aims to deliver a profound transformation to all her clients.

Energy healing courses are also available through the Sonia’s services. These include workshops in Reiki, Akashic Records. These energy healing courses in Melbourne aim to help you heal your body and relationships through ki energy healing.

Sonia offers a range of holistic therapies to help you heal and harmonise your mind, body and spirit. Sonia’s holistic services include Reiki healing, past life regression therapy,  Akashic Records Consultations, Bars session and ThetaHealing.

Holistic practices are aimed at helping you reach a healed mind, body and spirit through becoming attune to your elements and energy. Ki energy healing in Melbourne is designed to allow you to relax and gain a deeper connection to the universal life energy. You may wish delve into the fifth dimension and experience the ki energy healing that arises from an Akashic Records consultation. For those feeling lost or stuck, these specific holistic services in Melbourne are quite unique and can give your life new meaning.

Past life regression therapy is another form of ki energy healing that can allow you to move on in your current life and let go of your past. This form of energy healing in Melbourne is taken very seriously and many believe it can open your mind, body and spirit to your true self.

Sonia Bellucci is available to discuss any of these ki energy healing techniques or any of these energy healing courses in Melbourne. Contact her by phone  0405627293. Alternatively email Sonia your queries at .

Areas of Expertise:


-Physical Conditions.

-Mental Health.

-Emotional concerns.

-Weight loss.


-Career change.

-Children physical, emotional and mental health.